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Our Gold Earrings feature a disc design with the Cliburn VC logo hand-stamped on the front. The Cliburn is proud of collaborate with Meagan Moses Jewelry for this one-of-a-kind piece!

Meagan Moses is a Fort Worth native who makes fine handmade jewelry.  The practicality and everyday use of jewelry was part of the allure that piqued Meagan’s interest at a young age. The ability to create art that can be seen not just in galleries, but also in everyday life, inspired Meagan to pursue her passion. She takes pride in the longevity of the materials she uses, the functionality of the pieces, and her ability to make an impact on the wearer’s personal expression.

Meagan first learned metalsmith jewelry at Arlington Heights High School, here in Fort Worth, Texas. She then received her BA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017, and later earned a Professional Certificate in Jewelry Design at Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy.  A handmade touch and international flair is evident in each piece she makes. Meagan explores a variety of techniques within jewelry, mixing experimental, modern, and classical styles. Check out all our Cliburn x Meagan Moses jewelry styles:

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